Value of Membership

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to join the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, but here are six to get you started.

1. Be an effective advocate for your chosen industry.

MNLA has more than 1,000 members whose unique voices combine to speak loudly in legislative affairs.  MNLA will tell you which legislative issues may affect your business. Take action on issues of importance to you without ever leaving your office or join us on the Hill to speak to your legislators in person with the back-up of volunteers and staff "in the know" on important topics. 

2. Build credibility.

Build credibility by identifying yourself with the leading regional green industry organization. MNLA Members may use the MNLA logo on promotional materials, including their website, in email communications, on business cards and more. MNLA also provides a marketing toolkit, various sales templates, and simple directions to create media alerts and press releases.

3. Connect to the larger green industry community.

Connect by joining one of the networking groups within MNLA (both industry segment and regional groups) or join our online community within the MNLA website and on social media. Sometimes your best resource is a colleague who has gone before you. Join the journeys of other business owners or employees who face the same challenges and accomplishments. Networking meetings and MNLA events are a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and contribute to the community. The networking opportunities in the MNLA community are endless. 

4. Cultivate your professional growth.

Grow professionally with opportunities for continued education. Looking for educational opportunities? Let us be your one-stop-shop to learn about professional development. MNLA provides in-person education and online learning (any time, anywhere) opportunities for member, plus we compile industry events hosted by members and partner organizations of interest to our members on our calendars. We also co-host the north central region’s largest green industry event, Northern Green, which features hundreds of companies in the trade show and dozens of educational seminars to fit all green industry professionals all in one place! Northern Green, stand-alone education days, webinars, and our library of online education are great opportunities for professional development. Plus, MNLA members almost always receive a discount on MNLA events.

5. Stay up-to-date on industry news & issues.

Through regular member electronic updates and our magazine, The Scoop, (available in print and online) you can stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. MNLA also compiles the most comprehensive directory of green industry professionals and suppliers in the region - access it online or in print. The MNLA Foundation provides regular industry research reports full of practical information and industry trends to inform your daily decisions and give you an edge in a competitive market.

6. Take advantage of vetted industry partnerships.

MNLA has saved you time by seeking out savings and vetting providers on your behalf.  We've done the work for you and are proud to partner with multiple organizations to offer MNLA members the following:

  • A self-funded Workers Compensation Insurance Pool from The Builders Group
  • Fleet discounts through Chrysler
  • Gas discounts from Holiday, Kwik Trip, and Speedway
  • Legal services through Zlimen & McGuiness
  • Free LMN business management software

Discounts on MNLA events, sponsorships, and advertising are also offered to members.

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