Recycling Options for Horticultural Plastic

The Recycling Association of Minnesota and partners have been working with Revolution Plastics to set up a system for free collection and recycling of agricultural/greenhouse/nursery/marine film plastics here in Minnesota. Here is how the program works and how to sign up for free pick-up of your greenhouse and ground cover film plastics, drip irrigation tubes and selected other LDPE plastic films.

  • The program has special “Recapture Bags” to be used for collection and consolidation of these specific film plastics. The bags, each holding 200+ pounds of film plastic, come in boxes of five and are available for $30/box from Blue Lake Plastics, 320-333-9255, located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.
  • When the bags are full, the nursery operator then calls Revolution Plastics (844-490-7873) for free pick up of the bags.
  • In cases of very large volumes, free dumpsters may be placed on site by the company and emptied on a schedule. To find out if you qualify and to sign up for the program call 844-490-7873, go to, or email
  • The only plastics they collect are:
    • Greenhouse film
    • Drip tape
    • Irrigation tubing
    • Bale wrap
    • AG/Grain bags/Silage Bunker Covers
    • Boat wrap film
  • NO nursery pots, rubber tubing, nylon or polypropylene plastics, grommets, net wrap, bottles, jugs or trash of any kind will be accepted.

This is not a government program. Revolution Plastics is a private business based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, which has been producing and recycling agricultural film plastics for over twenty years and has recycled over 20M pounds of agricultural film plastics. They have their own dumpsters, packer trucks and other transportation equipment to bring the collected plastics to their plant in Little Rock for processing into garbage bags and other materials.


The Recycling Association of Minnesota is a private non-profit organization committed to improving recycling in the State of Minnesota and neighboring areas. They are working with many local and state government entities to get this program in place and have received funding from the MPCA to help set the program up.

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