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Green Industry Leadership Institute

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How does the Leadership Institute work?

This MNLA learning experience cultivates leadership skills in your key staff by incorporating highly interactive exercises, discussions, lecture-style learning, and project-based activities and sessions. Using these multiple learning methods creates a rich adult-learning environment and increases takeaways for each person. The sessions focus on personal development through key soft skill topics. All the soft skills are taught this way:

  1. The concepts are taught first.
  2. Then, the facilitators zero in on exercises that make the student aware of who they are and how they affect others.
  3. Industry leaders are brought in to share their own personal development stories and company best practices.
  4. Tools and tips are always offered that the students take away and can use immediately back at the work place. Some are even required "homework" between sessions.

The Green Industry Leadership Institute will prepare your employee to take a stronger and more confident leadership role in your company. 


What is the potential return on investment?

The program includes tangible takeaways for the sponsoring business. This is found in the students engaging in improving processes and strategies, and more specifically via their project, which is meant to improve their company in a meaningful way. Note that these are projects that affect the entire company, not small individual projects that only help the student get their own tasks done. The process of choosing and developing the project includes several rounds of feedback from the facilitator and fellow students. Students will also develop a network of peer advisors to engage with as they grow and advance in their career.


  • The program fee is $1,300, which includes all sessions, materials, dinner at each session, and a ticket to the Green Industry Awards Celebration where each successful participant will receive a certificate of completion.
  • MNLA will only accept a limited number of participants into each program.
  • Successful candidates journey together for one year, meeting once a month (except May) between February and December.
  • Sessions take place from 3:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Supper will be served during all meetings.

Facilitators and Core Instructors

The Resultants, a non-traditional business advisory firm, provides our professional facilitators and core curriculum instructors. The Resultants work with action-oriented leaders, helping them to eliminate frustrations, achieve breakthrough growth, and maximize the value of their company. The Resultants facilitators have a background in the green industry, which gives them insight into the unique challenges we face in our MNLA companies.

Have more questions about this program? Contact MNLA Communications Director Jon Horsman at jon@mnla.biz or 651-633-4987.

MNLA Leadership Peer Groups


This program focuses on attracting, onboarding and developing talent across the business. Companies in the green industry have been challenged with hiring and developing talent at all levels. This challenge is only heightened as the workforce experiences a major shift as baby boomers retire and filling their positions becomes mission-critical. To stay out front or even survive, companies will need to find, attract, develop, and retain talent.


  • There are six Tuesday sessions per series.
  • We gather at the MNLA office for a two-and-a-half-hour session., with snacks and beverages provided.
  • Investment: $595 per participant.


Each applicant will need to complete an application form, and fulfill ONE of the following criteria: graduate of the Green Industry Leadership Institute (or similar program); industry experience of five years; or hold a management position in a member company.

What is a Leadership Peer Group?

In MNLA’s Leadership Peer Groups, similar leader-managers convene on a regular basis with a skilled facilitator to discuss certain topics, issues, or challenges found within the green industry. Utilizing Rod Johnson’s Peer InsightTM method, you’ll learn to connect the content you encounter in your life with the context of how to use it in your career.

The peer group helps individuals break down complex issues, exchange ideas, and adapt to different perspectives, all through a continuous learning forum. The team approach helps individuals with their accountability, while the coaching structure provided by the professional facilitator keeps discussions and idea exchanges focused and efficient. The informal, confidential nature of peer groups helps participants get to know each other on a more personal level within a safe environment. The relationships developed with peers allows for faster issue-solving, personal improvement, and professional growth.

If you’re looking for a highly effective and affordable professional development tool, MNLA’s Leadership Peer Groups is your solution. The knowledge, wisdom, and insight you need can be just a conversation away.

What will participants walk away with?

  • Expanded personal and professional relationships.
  • Personal coaching and practical advice vital to you and your company’s success.
  • Improved problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.
  • Outside perspectives on issues where you might be too close to see the solutions.
  • Greater self-awareness of how you work within a team.

Meet the Facilitator

Rod Johnson of Growing Your Leaders has successfully facilitated numerous peer learning groups for over 10 years by always innovating and pondering how to improve the impact of each meeting, and the performance of each participant.

Have more questions about this program? Contact MNLA Communications Director Jon Horsman at jon@mnla.biz or 651-633-4987.


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