Landscape Awards

The MNLA Landscape Awards is a program of recognition for installed landscapes. Submitting companies must be MNLA members who offer design, installation, design/build, bid/build, or another landscape specialty to their clients.

Congratulations to the 11 projects that won an MNLA Landscape Award in 2020! 





Entries consist of:

  • An Entry Form (information about the project)
  • A Work Responsibility Chart (what you did or did not do on the project)
  • A Project Description (650 words or fewer)
  • An As-Built Plan (up to three PDFs to show your set of as-built plans)
  • Digital Photos & Photo Descriptions (up to 20, with a 50-word maximum per photo description)


Is My Project Award-Winning?

There are many components that make up an award-winning project. Entries are judged on a comprehensive list of criteria, by a panel of practicing professionals in the fields of landscape education, landscape design, landscape architecture, and horticulture. By reviewing the criteria the judges use, you'll get a good picture of how to evaluate your project. Click here to download a PDF with the criteria the judges use.


MNLA business members may submit up to three projects per year. Non-members are not eligible to submit entries. There are no categories; all installed landscapes are potentially eligible. To qualify for judging, you must verify that:

  • The Project Name, Work Responsibility Chart, Photos, Photo Descriptions, Project Description, and As-Built Plan are free of identifiable people, company names, and logos.
  • The Work Responsibility Chart comments do not exceed 50 words.
  • The Photo Descriptions do not exceed 50 words.
  • The Project Description does not exceed 650 words.
  • The As-Built Plan is a complete set of plans, is presentation-quality, all plants and hardscape materials are labeled correctly and specifically located, and the plan includes a north arrow and scale.

If these conditions are not met, the entry will not qualify for judging.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline for the 2020 program was Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Entry Fee

$149 per entry via online payment, which includes a $29 processing fee. Should the entry not qualify for judging, $120 of the entry fee will be refunded.

Photo Requirements

The entrant assumes all responsibility for copyrights, photographic fees, and client permission for further use of photos by the MNLA. No limitations can be placed on photo use or the entry will not be considered.

Green Industry Awards Celebration

All winners will receive a free ticket for the Green Industry Awards Celebration, and will receive their plaque there.

  • The day after the deadline for entry, the Landscape Awards Task Team will verify entries are eligible for judging. Note that members of the Task Team select judges, but do not serve as judges.
  • Entrants will be notified of the status of their entry as soon as possible after the Task Team review. If there are errors in the entry, the entrant will be allowed a short time to amend their entry.
  • Judging takes place over the next couple of weeks. Interested in seeing what criteria the judges use? Click here to download a PDF with the same questions the judges answer for each entry.
  • Entrants will be notified of the judging results in mid-December.
  • Winners will be recognized at the Green Industry Awards Celebration and will present their projects in an educational session at Northern Green.
  • Each winner will receive a plaque, a media packet with plans and templates to use in promotion to local media, a ticket to the Green Industry Awards Celebration, recognition in an issue of SPACES Magazine, a crest to display in print and for posting on their website, and a sturdy project poster. Entries will be displayed during Northern Green, on, and in the Scoop.
Special Awards
Judges' Choice

At the end of reviewing all projects, judges choose their top three favorite projects from all the entries. These votes are tallied, and the winning project is announced at the Green Industry Awards Celebration held on the Tuesday of Northern Green week.

Excellence in Planting Design

This special designation was created by the Landscape Awards Task Team to promote projects that showcase outstanding planting design. The goal is to encourage landscape designers to feature plants in their plan while incorporating artistry, proper horticultural practices, and appropriate installation in their project. This award is chosen in the same way as the Judges’ Choice Award, with the winner being announced at the Green Industry Awards Celebration.

Any project entered can win either award. 


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