MNLA is the region's oldest and largest horticultural trade association. The organization was originally formed in 1925 as the Minnesota State Nurseryman’s Association. In 1988, the organization’s name was changed to the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association to accurately reflect the diversity of its members. Today, 1,100 firms are members of MNLA in the following categories: 
  • Wholesale nursery growers
  • Retail nurseries and garden centers
  • Commercial flower growers
  • Landscape contractors
  • Landscape designers
  • Irrigation contractors
  • Lawn and landscape management services
  • Professional gardening services
  • Commercial arborists and tree care services
  • Snow and ice management services
  • Allied suppliers
  • Students and educators
MNLA is dedicated to helping its members by:
  • Providing continuing education for members
  • Providing tools for industry marketing
  • Monitoring and influencing government affairs
  • Promoting professionalism
  • Responsibly improving and maintaining our environment
  • Provide opportunities for financial benefits through group purchasing and other member services
  • Promoting member collegiality and networking
Members receive regular communication on association activities through a monthly newsletter. Each industry segment is offered on-going continuing education programs. In cooperation with the University of Minnesota, the association sponsors the MNLA Certified Professional program.

Economic Impact
Thousands of family-owned companies are part of Minnesota's nursery and landscape industry. Collectively, they generate yearly sales of more than $1.9 billion and have a $3.5 billion direct effect on Minnesota’s economy. A report on the economic impact of the green industry in Minnesota is available as a PDF download.

The mission of the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association is to help members grow successful businesses.

The Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association is the state's oldest and largest green industry trade organization. Started in 1925 as the Minnesota Nurserymen's Association, today MNLA represents and serves nursery and greenhouse growers, garden centers, irrigation contractors, industry suppliers, and a wide range of landscape professionals. The association aims to help these members operate their businesses more successfully by providing education, networking, legislative and regulatory representation, public relations, and financial benefits through group purchasing and other member services.

Structure and Governance
The Association is governed by its Board of Directors which includes three officers (president, vice president, and secretary-treasurer) and six at-large directors, all of whom are elected by Association members. The Association has 6 committees, which develop many of its programs, and numerous networking groups where industry issues are discussed, mutually beneficial relationships are formed, and input is gleaned for MNLA's educational, government affairs, and professional development programs.

Below are copies of the association governing documents and other logistical information.  All documents are in PDF format. Click to open in your browser, or right-click to choose to save it to your computer.

Governing Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Document A - Association overview, bylaws & basics PDF (235.89 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document B - Committee Database Instructions PDF (122.81 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document C - Membership Demographics PDF (73.7 KB) Administration 12/14/2018
Document D - Association Strategic Plan Overview PDF (41.85 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document E - Committee Mission and Duties PDF (504.03 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document F1 - Basic Rules of Order PDF (830.38 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document F2 - Parlimentary Procedures PDF (833.72 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document G - Committee Planning Workbook PDF (3.15 MB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document H - Committee Roster PDF (238.99 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document I - Staff Roster and Duties PDF (400.38 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document J - Policies & Resolutions Manual.pdf PDF (263.82 KB) Administration 4/4/2019
Document K - Legislative Regulatory Principles PDF (253.92 KB) Administration 7/2/2019
Document L - Committee member application PDF (105.97 KB) Administration 6/29/2017
Document M - MNLA Foundation Overview PDF (1.65 MB) Administration 6/29/2017

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