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Power Limited Technician (PLT) / Technology Systems Contractor (TSC) - Minnesota Law 

Prior to the 2003 Minnesota legislative session, any person who was not a licensed high voltage electrician and who conducted electrical work of any kind (including low voltage lighting and irrigation work) for others with or without pay, was breaking the law. 

At the 2003 Minnesota legislative session, a law passed requiring persons who perform low voltage work to become licensed as Power Limited Technicians. Companies that employ Power Limited Technicians must register with the State as Technology Systems Contractors –even if the company is an owner-operator. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry administers this license. The Minnesota State Board of Electricity sets educational and other rules related to license and continuing education requirements not called-out in statue. See Minnesota Statute 326.242 and Minnesota Rules 3800.3520. 

In order to become a Power Limited Technician you must demonstrate experience, pass a written exam, post a bond and pay a license fee. Licenses are renewed every two years. In order to renew your license, you must obtain (and properly document) not less than 16 total hours of CEU credits, renew your bond and pay $200. Renewals must be completed PRIOR to the expiration of your license or you are subject to money penalties. If you wait too long to renew, you will be required to sit for (and pass) the written exam.


Generally speaking, an individual must demonstrate not less than three years experience working for a high voltage electrician or Technology System Contractor before being eligible to sit for the written exam. Up to one year of experience from a past work situation or from a two-year post high school electrical course may be applicable if properly documented and acceptable to DOLI. Certain 4-year degreed persons may be exempt from the experience requirement. For specific information go to:


Not less than 16 total hours of CEU credits, acceptable to DOLI and properly reported to DOLI is required as a condition of license renewal.  Several organizations provide DOLI-approved CEU opportunities. MNLA offers DOLI-approved CEU opportunities.  Usually, the educational provider submits proof of attendance on behalf of the student.


Persons who wish to file a complaint of any kind, including suspicion of unlicensed activity, should use the DOLI approved form:   

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