Free MNLA Certification Manual

The MNLA/UM Certified Professional Manual is online and FREE for MNLA members.

The Manual consists of 50 Chapters and presents technical, applicable, and instructional information on most green industry disciplines ranging from design to production, from hardscaping to garden centers, and from marketing to safety. The Glossary provides definitions of over 700 horticultural terms. The Units of Measure and Conversion Factors chapter contains hundreds of abbreviations, equivalent measures, conversion factors, plant spacing data and landscape installation data.

Topics in this reference tool for nursery and landscape professionals include:

  • Minnesota laws and regulations
  • Biology Plant materials
  • Nomenclature and classification
  • Plant production and culture
  • Pest management
  • Business operations
  • Landscape design
  • A section on plant identification which features 381 plant images of 182 plants.

Chapters from the study manual are found at the bottom of the MNLA Certified Professionals page. For more information, contact Sue Flynn at 651-633-4987.

Sue Flynn, Education & Certification Manager

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