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More and more, Americans are placing a higher value on well landscaped and properly irrigated land. In 2006, Americans spent an average of $70 billion to $75 billion on landscaping services for their lawns and gardens. As water becomes scarcer, the need for professional irrigation services that maintain beautiful landscapes efficiently will grow. Join WaterSense and be prepared for tomorrow’s landscape. 


When it comes to using water, conventional practices no longer suffice. Within the next five years, more than two-thirds of the states in the nation will likely be short on water, even under non-drought conditions. Landscapers and homeowners are already feeling the pinch, so today’s irrigation systems must be designed, installed, and maintained with tomorrow’s needs in mind. If you are an irrigation professional and have been certified through a WaterSense labeled program, you may qualify to become a WaterSense partner. 


Becoming a partner is easy—all you need to do is join the program and EPA will send you the tools to start promoting your commitment to water-efficient irrigation. 


As a WaterSense partner, you have much to gain:

  • Distinguish yourself from the competition. All qualified WaterSense partners are listed on EPA’s Web site to make it easy for consumers to find a certified professional in their area.
  • Be in demand. Several green building programs, such as the LEED for Homes Rating System, include a preference for irrigation work done by WaterSense partners.
  • Receive tools to help you promote your services more effectively. Use the WaterSense partner logo on business cards and in advertisements.
  • Leverage EPA’s national campaign to promote water efficiency. WaterSense is working to educate consumers on the value of water-efficient products and services.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to water efficiency and the use of water-efficient irrigation practices.
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More questions about certification?

Contact the EPA WaterSense program directly at 1-866-987-7367.  

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