DNR Certified Tree Inspectors

Certified tree inspectors have passed a test in which they demonstrate proficiency in Dutch elm disease and oak wilt management, tree identification, firewood identification, and shade tree management. Tree inspectors must attend annual recertification workshops to learn the latest information on tree care, exotic species management, shade tree management, tree selection, insect and disease identification, tree health care and other timely topics. 



To be certified as a new tree inspector, you must pass an examination that measures knowledge in shade tree pest identification and management. Exams are given at the end of a new inspector training workshop. A person must pass the examination with a score of 70 percent or better to become certified. The workshop you attend includes basic instruction so that you can demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • Be able to identify all native tree species, with or without leaves, and all felled or downed trees with bark intact common to your work area.
  • Know and understand the biology of Minnesota's most common shade tree pests.
  • Be familiar with symptoms of oak wilt and Dutch elm disease, and be able to identify other problems affecting oaks and elms.
  • Know the proper method of collecting samples for disease diagnosis.
  • Know the approved control methods for these common tree pests.
  • Be familiar with recommended tree species used in replanting programs, their planting requirements, and the care of these trees after planting.
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Contact the Department of Natural Resources directly at 1-888-MINNDNR or e-mail info@dnr.state.mn.us

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