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MNLA Foundation has been working for you promoting the next generation to consider careers in the green industry.  Our industry, your business, and event the environment are facing a crisis because so few young people are choosing green industry careers. The MNLA Foundation promises to deliver tools and promotion to enhance the image of nursery, greenhouse, landscape, irrigation, and tree care professions.  The Foundation's Career Development Program will provide educational materials for students at various grade levels and help members establish relationships with schools.  The program will inform teachers, guidance counselors, parents, and student about the legitimate career paths available in the green industry and promote horticulture and landscape programs at area colleges. 


Northern Green Annual SILENT AUCTION

Each year the MNLA Foundation hosts a live Silent Auction event at Northern Green.  Consider donating an item, service or product to enable the Foundation to provide important activities that will generate the next generation of workers in the green industries.  You can donate items anytime in the year, easily online.  





Surplus Auctions

Instead of looking at the piles of leftover inventory you have sitting around, why not donate your unused materials, equipment, and nursery stock to a very worthy cause and at the same time make a charitable contribution. 

What can you donate or buy?

Nursery stock, trees, shrubs, perennials, native plugs, plants of all sorts.  *Nursery stock need not be delivered to Fahey Auction site.

Landscape/Nursery Supplies: New containers, landscape fabric, edging, tarps, wire baskets, and burlap, Sisal twine, bagged soils, bagged mulch or anything else you can find that fits this category.

Hard goods: tools, lumber, pallets of pavers, retaining wall materials, irrigation supplies, and anything else you can think of that fits in this category.

Equipment: New or used trucks, trailers, landscaping/nursery equipment, attachments, new or slightly used tires, mowers, blowers, rollers, sprayers or anything else you can think of that that fits in this category.

Office equipment: computers, printers, copy machines, office furniture, office supplies, etc.

Services: Vacation Home (VRBO), or time share weeks. You decide what kind of service you could provide: Landscape design, custom growing, spring landscape cleanup, put a value on it and will sell.

Personal recreation goods: boats, docks, guns, hunting and fishing equipment, campers, cars, ATV’s snowmobiles, trailers, patio furniture, grills, etc.

Anything you want to LET GO of, personal or business items!

How can you donate?

Simple! Bring your donation to Fahey Auction Complex anytime!  Fahey has many auctions throughout the year and which auction your items sells, doesn’t matter.

 *For donations of Nursery Stock and Trees: you can bring your donation to the Fahey Auction Complex OR, let us know by filling this online application out.  To be included in any of the auctions, submission must be at least two weeks in advance of auction schedule.  *You will NOT be required to deliver to Fahey Auction Complex. 

Donors will be thanked in the SCOOP Magazine and receive a charitable donation receipt.

Check out Fahey Auction schedules HERE.


Questions about the MNLA Foundation?  Call us at 651-633-4987 or email



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