MNLA Certified Professional Recertification

MNLA Certified Professional Recertification
To encourage on-going professional improvement through education and service to the industry, MNLA has instituted a recertification requirement to keep certification status current. All individuals must compile at least 18 points every three years to maintain their certification status. 
18 continuing education points and the required $15.00 fee must be submitted to the MNLA Office to maintain status of MNLA Certified Professional in good standing.
The MNLA Certified Professional program is a personal certification. You remain certified if you change jobs. Reporting continuing education points and changes of address or employer is the Certified Professional's responsibility.

Below are examples of educational events and professional services that qualify towards recertification. All events and activities applicable to the nursery and landscape industry that improve professionalism count for recertification points.

  • Attend a one-hour seminar 1 point
  • Teach a one-hour seminar 3 points
  • Attend a half day (2-4 hour) seminar 2 points
  • Teach a half day (2-4 hour) seminar 6 points
  • Attend a full day (4-6 hour) seminar 3 points
  • Participate in a one-hour online webinar 1 point
  • Teach a full day (4-6 hour) seminar 9 points
  • Attend a college level quarter or semester course 1point/credit
  • Teach a college level semester course 3 points/credit
  • Write 5 questions with answers for the Certification Exam (max 2 points/year) 2 points
  • Coach an individual who becomes certified 3 points
  • Articles published in The Scoop or other trade publications 3 points
  • Serve on an MNLA committee (or other similar service) 2 points/committee (per year)
  • Serve as a Legislative Liaison with Local Legislators 2 points
  • Attend MNLA open forum/town hall meeting to express concerns 1 point
  • Attend Day on the Hill activities 3 points
  • Horticultural service to the community 2 points
  • Excellence in job performance as recognized by immediate supervisor/employer 2 points per year (max 6 pts in 3 years)


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