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Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) - What a difference two years makes!

Posted By MNLA eNews, Wednesday, December 23, 2015

From Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Weekly Digest Bulletin

Since the MIDS project was completed two years ago, several entities using the work products shared their uses and successes at the Water Resources conference held on October 14, 2015 at the St. Paul RiverCentre.

  • John Hanson, Valley Branch Watershed District Administrator, presented on how the District is using the MIDS performance goals. Valley Branch is the first organization to adopt the MIDS performance goals.
  • Representing the city of Blaine, a regulated MS4, Jim Hafner said the city has adopted MIDS to meet their MS4 requirements and that the city, along with the two watershed districts they are in, use the MIDS calculator for all new projects.
  • Mike Isensee, from the Middle St. Croix Water Management Organization, announced they had received a Clean Water Land and Legacy grant to work with up to 10 communities in the watershed to adopt MIDS.
  • Michele Wigern, speaking on behalf of the Fairbault Soil and Water Conservation District, said the District uses the MIDS calculator and best management practices in the stormwater manual for guidance and grant applications.
  • Jay Michels, a consultant representing Emmons and Olivier, said the organization has taken MIDS on the road to other states and to Canada.
  • MIDS was also recently included in the Environmental Quality Board's Water Policy Report. Goal 2 of the report is to manage our built environment to protect water and includes adoption of the MIDS work products as the system change that is needed to manage runoff.

Find out how other watershed districts, watershed management organizations and cities have adopted MIDS in various ways on the Community Assistance page.

If you have adopted MIDS into your programs, please contact Anne Gelbmann ( and your organization will be listed in the stormwater manual.

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Miminal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) Calculator-New Version is Now Available

Posted By MNLA eNews, Thursday, August 21, 2014

A new version of the MIDS Calculator is now available in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual. Changes over the last 6 months include:

  • Tree trench/box credits for canopy interception and evapotranspiration
  • Bioretention with underdrain updated to apply the equation for phosphorus credit reduction based on media depth.
  • Summary table of total phosphorus and total suspended solids percent removal by BMP on the summary tab of the calculator
  • Annual runoff volumes to BMP summary tab was added
  • Bioretention media phosphurus credits to tree box/infiltration trench with underdrain
  • Bioretention medial phosphorus credits to swale with underdrain was added
  • Sizing inputs for stormwater ponds
  • Swale annual TSS, dissolved phosphorus and particulate phosphorus removals were adjusted
  • A stormwater reuse function!

A few other minor updates were also made. You can now download this new version of the calculator. Remember to delete your current version before downloading the new version. Here's the link to download the calculator:


Please let me know if you have questions or comments.


Anne Gelbmann

Green Infrastructure Coordinator

MPCA/Municipal Stormwater Section

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MN’s New Stormwater Crediting System for Trees

Posted By MNLA eNews, Friday, July 25, 2014
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MIDS Community Assistance Package and other Post Construction Guidance for Regulated MS4s

Posted By MNLA eNews, Thursday, June 19, 2014

Stormwater Professionals:

The MPCA would like to make you aware of two documents that have been placed on the MPCA Stormwater Web page to assist communities with the development of their post-construction stormwater management program.


The Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) Community Assistance Package (CAP) contains ordinance guidance that will help communities who wish to implement MIDS.  The CAP can be found in the Minnesota Stormwater Manual:


The second document is entitled “Technical Support Document for the Post-Construction Stormwater Management Conditions in the General Stormwater Permit (MNR040000) for Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s)”. This guidance document is intended to help those communities that are regulated by the MS4 Permit to understand the options available for complying with the post construction stormwater management permit conditions (MCM 5). This document can be found at the following link:


These documents can also be found on the MPCA MS4 Webpage under the Post Construction Stormwater Management section on the Guidance and BMPs tab.


Question concerning these documents can be directed to Scott Fox at 651-757-2368 ( or Anne Gelbmann at 651-757-2384 (


Tags:  irrigation  MIDS  minimal impact design standards  MPCA  stormwater management  water management 

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