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  Certification - MNLA Certified Professional  
Objectives and Benefits

Since 1978, the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association has sponsored a Certified Professional (CP) program for individuals in the nursery and landscape industry. This program has evolved into the MNLA Certified Professional.

The objective of the MNLA Certified Professional program is to uphold, improve, and promote standards of professionalism and excellence within the industry. By focusing on individuals rather than companies, the program encourages self-improvement among industry professionals.

The certification status benefits individuals by instilling pride and confidence, bringing greater value to the nursery and landscape industry, demonstrating commitment to the nursery and landscape industry, and enhancing employability within the industry. MNLA member businesses that employ certified nursery and landscape professionals enhance their professional image, increase customer recognition and respect, provide a consumer marketing tool, and offer an additional tool for employee motivation, evaluation, and advancement.