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Friday, November 16, 2012

Pesticide Recertification
Event Details
Date(s): November 16, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM  CST - 3:45 PM  CST
Continuing Education & Conference Center, Univ. of Minnesota, 1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108
Organization Details
Organization: MNLA/MTGF
Contact Phone: 651-633-4987
Contact Email:

This workshop meets MDA’s pesticide applicator recertification requirements for Categories A (Core) and E (Turf & Ornamentals). 

Click here for a printable registration form (.pdf) or go to the top-right to register online - login with your member information to get the member discount! 

  • Session I
    • 9:00am—9:30am: MDA’s Pesticide Applicator Licensing, Kay Sargent
  • Session II
    • 9:30am—10:00am: An Overview of Driftwatch, Kevin Cavanaugh
  • Break
    • 10:00am—10:15am
  • Session III
    • 10:15am—11:30am: Safety in Transporting Pesticides, Hennepin Technical College
  • Lunch
    • 11:30am—12:30pm
  • Session IV (Concurrent Sessions—choose 1)
    • 12:30pm—1:30pm: Turf: Insects—White Grubs and Adults—Vera Krischik
    • 12:30pm—1:30pm: Woodies: Current and Emerging Insect Pests in the Landscape —Jeff Hahn
  • Session V (Concurrent Sessions—choose 1)
    • 1:35pm—2:35pm: Turf: Environmental Fate of Pesticides, Sam Bauer
    • 1:35pm—2:35pm: Woodies: Minnesota Noxious Weed Law and Lists, Anthony Cortilet
  • Session VI
    • 2:40pm—3:40pm: Understanding How Herbicides Work Improves Plant Injury Diagnostics and Management of Herbicide Resistant Weeds, Jeffrey Gunsolus
Session Descriptions
Session I - MDA’s Pesticide Applicator Licensing
Most pesticide applicators apply pesticides responsibly and comply with the law. To help applicators in this effort, Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) will review the basics of pesticide application licensing, certification, recordkeeping and posting turf applications.
Session II - An Overview of Driftwatch
Driftwatch is an online sensitive crop registry for producers and applicators using Google Maps as a field locator. The program is available for Minnesota producers of fruits, vegetables, certified organic, Christmas trees and vineyards. Pesticide applicators can choose to receive notification of new fields within their service area or go directly to the Minnesota Driftwatch map to locate the fields. There is no fee for participation in the program. The program is located online at:
Session III - Safety in Transporting Pesticides
The experts at Hennepin Technical College will address safety as it relates to transportation of pesticides including load securement issues and other vital information.
Session IV (Concurrent Sessions—choose 1)
Turf: Insects—White Grubs and Adults
The Japanese beetle (JB) arrived from Japan in 1920 in Pennsylvania on potted plants. JB larvae (grubs) are a serious pest of turf and JB adults feed on foliage of over 300 species of ornamental plants, preferring rose, ivy, linden, and birch. Grubs only feed on the roots of grass. Adults feed on the top of plants in the sun and emit a pheromone to attract others. Krischik will address best practices for control related to these insects.
Woodies: Current and Emerging Insect Pests in the Landscape
Hahn will discuss some of the pests that were common in the landscape this year and those anticipated in 2013 and beyond.
Session V (Concurrent Sessions—choose 1)
Turf: Environmental Fate of Pesticides
This session will focus on research advancements regarding off-target pesticide loss in turfgrass systems. The goal of this session is to understand how pesticides react after being applied to a turfgrass surface. Learners will leave this session with better ways to minimize environmental losses of pesticides.

Woodies: Minnesota Noxious Weed Law and Lists
This session will cover basic noxious weed statutes, plant risk assessments and current listed species.
Session VI - Understanding How Herbicides Work Improves Plant Injury Diagnostics and Management of Herbicide Resistant Weeds
In this session participants will learn:
  • How different herbicides work and relate their mode of action to their respective plant injury symptoms.
  • To improve diagnostic skills by gaining a broader understanding of plant sensitivity to various herbicides.
  • Relation of herbicide mode of action to herbicide resistance management.

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