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Emerald Ash Borer Public Service Announcement
from Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association
Advice and Warnings for Homeowners about Emerald Ash Borer
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) affects only the species in the genus Fraxinus, i.e. ash. No other tree species is affected.
  • A professional arborist is your best consultant if you want your trees inspected. A trained arborist has a B.S. degree in arboriculture or forestry and/or is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Search for “tree care services” at www.GardenMinnesota.com. Certified Arborists will have the “Outdoor Living Expert” badge adjacent to their company name.
  • What do I do if I have ash trees?
    • (1) If your tree appears healthy with no die-back in the crown and no sprouting at the base of tree, you may not need to take any action now, especially if you are not near a confirmed infestation. Healthy ash trees should NOT be cut down!
    • (2) If you have an ash tree and live near an EAB outbreak, you should consider consulting an arborist to see if treatments are warranted. Costs for treating one mature tree will range from $50 to $200 annually. Factors such as tree size and number of total trees treated per site will impact price. If you decide to proceed with treatments, be aware that this is a long-term, on-going commitment. Any person applying these treatments for hire must be a Commercial Pesticide Applicator as licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
    • (3) If an arborist confirms your tree has EAB or you have a declining ash tree near a confirmed infestation, treatment may be possible or you may need to remove the tree. Discuss with your arborist the value of the tree and the cost of application vs. the cost of removal. Removal costs will vary substantially depending upon the size of the tree and other factors. Any company removing a tree should provide proof of insurance. Also, many cities in the metro require tree care or tree removal services to be licensed.
  • Don’t trust door-to-door salespersons selling tree cures or tree removal unless you can verify their credentials and check references.
  • If your ash trees are removed, trust experienced local nursery and landscape professionals to help you choose replacement trees. There are many replacement species available and an experienced professional can help you choose the right species for your soil type and planting location. If you are planting multiple trees, diversify the species you choose!
  • Be sure you choose trees that are hardy to zone 4 in southern Minnesota and zone 3 in northern Minnesota. At www.GardenMinnesota.com, search for “Garden Center/Retail Nursery” to find a list of nursery and garden center professionals who can help you choose the right trees.
  • Be skeptical of anyone selling trees door-to-door and never buy trees that have been dug from the wild. Seek out established local nurseries, garden centers and landscape contractors who have a Nursery Inspection Certificate issued by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
If you have questions or want to report a suspected find of EAB, call the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Arrest The Pest hotline at 651-201-6644 or 888-545-6684 or see http://www.mda.state.mn.us/plants/pestmanagement/eab.aspx.